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Meet the players of the Audi Polo Team.

Check out these profiles for more information about each member of the Audi Polo Team!






Gonzalo "Gonzalito" Pieres Jr. 10-goaler
Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of the top players on the polo field today, Gonzalito Pieres has held a 10-goal ranking in the US since 2010. Gonzalito is the strategic force for the Audi Polo Team and has led Audi to the US Open finals three times since joining the team — first in 2009 when they defeated Las Monjitas to win the Open, and then again in 2010 and 2011.

Named for his father Gonzalo, Gonzalito carries on a storied polo family history.  Credited with bringing polo's style of play into the modern era, Gonzalo Pieres Sr. and his contemporary Memo Gracida reinvented the way the game of polo was played. Pieres, Jr. carries that family legacy with him each time he takes to the field.


Photo by David Lominska

Nicolas "Nico" Pieres 8-goaler
Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nicolas "Nico" Pieres arrived in Palm Beach for the 2011 high-goal series at the International Polo Club ready to go "all-in" for the Audi Polo Team. Nico, playing alongside older brother Gonzalito and Brazilian 8-goaler Rodrigo Andrade, went to the finals of the USPA Piaget Gold Cup and the US Open. It was quite a performance on the 26-goal pitch.

Playing the #2 position Nico was a solid force in Audi's offense. Often the match high-scorer, Nico quickly won over the high-goal fans at the International Polo Club – Palm Beach with his blistering runs and fearless approach to developing plays.

Nico first played with Audi Polo during the 2009 season. That year Audi won the US Open at the Interational Polo Club Palm Beach with Gonzalito, Facundo and Nico Pieres.

Polo Fan Note: Following a sensational 2011 season in Argentina, Nico's handicap at home was recently raised from 8 to 9.

Photo by David Lominska

Jeff Hall 7-goaler
Houston, Texas

Playing professionally since the age of 12, Jeff Hall has won most every high-goal trophy in polo including the US Open with C-Spear in 2003. Jeff is one of only a handful of American players to have played in the Argentine Open and won the Bronze Cup in Sotogrande, Spain. 

Breeding and raising many of his own ponies, Jeff’s string of horses is also a force to be reckoned with. In his MVP winning performance during the 2011 America’s Cup final (he won that tournament with Andy Busch's Grant’s Farm Manor) Jeff’s horse Sparkle was awarded Best Playing Pony.



Photo by Sheryel Aschfort

Rodrigo Andrade 8-goaler
Sao Paulo, Brazil

"He's a bull on the field", is the way one polo aficionado put it when describing the playing style of Brazilian 8-goaler Rodrigo Andrade. It's true that Andrade plays a physical game, but it was his tenacity that impressed the crowds at the International Polo Club – Palm Beach when Rodrigo made his 26-goal debut with the Audi Polo Team in 2011.

Andrade made it look easy playing at the #4 position as he turned back shot after shot on goal...oftentimes just inches from the goal line. For the Audi Polo Team it was Nico Pieres who garnered the scoring headlines, but there was no doubt about who was minding the store on defense for the 2011 USPA Piaget Gold Cup winners.



Photo by David Lominska

Nic Roldan 8-goaler
Wellington, Florida

A grounded and focused player, Nic is always working to improve his game, his string of ponies and skills. A fan favorite, Nic's travels and playing schedule can be found on his blog. In the summer of 2011 Nic led Andy Busch's Grant's Farm Manor polo team. Grant's Farm was the winner of the 2011 America's Cup at Santa Barbara.

In 2012 Roldan played the #3 position for the Audi Polo Team in the 20-goal series at the International Polo Club, Palm Beach. Nic played alongside captain Marc Ganzi, Brazilian 8-goaler Rodrigo Andrade and 4-goaler Lucas Lalor.



Photo by Gregory Ratner

Lucas Lalor 5-goaler
Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lucas Lalor, the son of Luis Lalor, Jr., former nine-goaler and current president of the Asociación Argentine de Polo, considers the sport of kings more than a family tradition. Picking up a mallet when he was just 7, Lalor, now 21, says it was a natural transition when he started to play. “My father got me into polo at an early age. Everything was in place and I just started playing,” he says.

Lalor had a stellar summer in 2011 and was named MVP of the Beluga Robert Skene invitational in Santa Barbara. Audi took the trophy in that match which kicked off the Santa Barbara's high-goal season. Following a solid year at the #2 spot for Audi in 2012, Lalor had his USPA handicap raised from 4 to 5. Recently his handicap in Argentina was raised from 5 to 6.



Click to see a profile of Lalor in the January 2012 edition of
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 Photo by David Lominska

Marc Ganzi Team Captain
Wellington, Florida

“I go into every match thinking that we are going to win,” said Marc Ganzi before an important contest last season. A quote like that might sound like bravado until you put into perspective that Ganzi and the Audi Polo Team play at the very highest levels of the sport. He and the Audi team have been to the finals of the US Open three times in the last four years — winning in 2009. To compete against the top players in polo as Ganzi does, your confidence, and your skill, must be fully engaged before every match.

As a result of the Audi Polo Team's string of successes and his own preparation, Ganzi is ranked among the top amateur polo players in the world according to World Polo Tour. In addition to keeping a hand in tournament planning at his home club Grand Champions, Ganzi's "day job" (his term) as CEO of Global Tower Partners keeps his schedule full...especially during high-goal season!

 Photo by Gregory Ratner