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Gruet Sparkling Wine

Champagne Quality at a Fraction of the Price

In 1984 Gilbert Gruet—a man who had labored his entire life to create a Champagne label in Bethon, near Epernay—planted an experimental vineyard in New Mexico, of all places. How did such an improbable situation come about? Gruet was certainly no Taittinger or Roederer. He was a hard-working guy who had planted his first vines in 1952, established a co-operative…

Donelan Family Wines

Subtle, Elegant and Complex

Joe Donelan was a paper executive who believed in the power of reinvention. Like many successful people, he traveled in California and France and fell in love with wine–

The Billion-Dollar Tequila

Diageo Buys Casamigos from George Clooney and Friends

Last week, beverage giant Diageo announced they were buying the Casamigos tequila brand for $1 billion: $700 million up front, and the rest in performance incentives. Casamigos was founded four years ago by George Clooney and his friend Rande Gerber, husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Etch Restaurant, Nashville

New-wave fusion cuisine in Music City

The conventional wisdom is that Nashville is the new Charleston, but there are differences. In Nashville, the frenzied pace of high-rise construction is obliterating what’s left of the historic downtown.

The Bourbon Boom

Will the Bubble Burst?

Kentucky Bourbon is now an industry worth $8.5 billion annually; sales have increased by $3 billion per year since 2008, and no end appears to be in sight. Sound familiar? If you’re old enough, you remember a time when brown spirits dominated the beverage market. In the 1980’s, the situation suddenly reversed. The wine revolution hit America, and whiskey was…

Let Them Eat Pastrami

Katz's Deli Plans to Ship Worldwide

It has been a rough decade for delicatessen. New York’s famed Stage Deli served its last overstuffed sandwich in 2012, and the Carnegie Deli closed last December. If two such icons can’t make it in the Big Apple, what hope is there for the provinces? While the Stage and the Carnegie both had real estate issues of different sorts, the…