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The Montrachet of Verona

Prosecco from the Cartizze Hill

In the heart of Prosecco country—that stretch between the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene in the province of Treviso—there is no better location than the hill of Cartizze. Planted at 1000 feet, its 260 acres of vines are owned by 140 growers. Land here can cost as much as $2 million per acre, an unheard-of price in Italy, and the…

Gruet Sparkling Wine

Champagne Quality at a Fraction of the Price

In 1984 Gilbert Gruet—a man who had labored his entire life to create a Champagne label in Bethon, near Epernay—planted an experimental vineyard in New Mexico, of all places. How did such an improbable situation come about? Gruet was certainly no Taittinger or Roederer. He was a hard-working guy who had planted his first vines in 1952, established a co-operative…

Donelan Family Wines

Subtle, Elegant and Complex

Joe Donelan was a paper executive who believed in the power of reinvention. Like many successful people, he traveled in California and France and fell in love with wine–