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Warm Weather Wines

This summer, cool down with more than just Chardonnay

Wineries in Italy’s Piemonte Region, like Bruno Giacosa, specialize in Arneis. As the temperature rises, wine drinkers will be carrying their glasses out to the pool and asking themselves one question: What’s the best way to escape the boredom of Chardonnay? A tsunami of Pinot Grigio is washing over the market, and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc seems like old news….

Grape Archaeology

The Resurrection of Arneis

In 2017 it’s hard to believe that Italy was once an emerging wine region, but there was a time when perception of Italian wine quality in this country couldn’t have been lower.

Raise a Glass

We asked wine professionals from five of Palm Beach County’s top restaurants to share their personal wine recommendations for real-life situations. The results are revealing—and intoxicating.

Benovia Winery

The Legacy of Family

The landscape of Napa and Sonoma is littered with wineries that were once family-owned, independent and fiercely focused on quality. Over the past decade, many of those wineries were absorbed by the Jacksons and Foleys of this world. In most cases the scenario was the same: after decades of conscientious effort, the owners had achieved a measure of critical and…