4 Expert Tips to Increase Productivity

West Palm Beacher Nicole Kowanetz, founder of Palm Beach Poppins, offers insights into living a balanced and productive life

Photo by Rick Tauceda Photography

West Palm Beacher Nicole Kowanetz launched personal-assistant service and household-management firm Palm Beach Poppins when she realized that if she was struggling to juggle her job and homelife obligations then she couldn’t be the only one. Now an expert in checking everything off her to-do list (and yours), Kowanetz shares tips for getting it all done—and making it look easy. 

  1. How you put your house to sleep matters. Pick up each night (put blankets away, fluff pillows, clean off the tables, put dishes away) to help mornings feel less rushed.
2. If keeping up with laundry is hard for your household, try doing one small load a day so it doesn’t pile up and get overwhelming.
3. Assign easy-to-forget tasks (like changing air/water filters or administering your dog’s heartworm medicine) to the first of every month. We set a reminder on our phones and household calendar.
4. Prep your morning coffee station at night. Lay everything out (other than creamer) so you only have to press a button. This works for workout clothes, too, and makes getting up for a run much easier.

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