5 Apps for a Healthier Lifestyle

Between barre, yoga, and cycling classes—not to mention those massage, acupuncture, facial, and mani-pedi appointments—the mission to feel and look your best can quickly clutter your calendar. The Mindbody app allows users to find, book, and organize wellness commitments. Available on both Apple and Android platforms, the app also points out local deals and promotions and syncs with Fitbit, so you can capture the big picture of your progress and stress less.

Daylight savings time is March 12, when we spring forward an hour. The change can leave some people feeling in need of extra sleep. To help with getting the most effective power nap, check out MotionX 24/7, an app that starts timing that 20- to 30-minute nap after it has determined you are actually asleep. as the app learns more about your sleep habits, the duration adjusts to give you optimal rest. A result of seven years of research and development, the app also functions as a nighttime sleep tracker, pedometer, heart-rate monitor, and weight tracker, and can be integrated with Apple’s Health app.

Even for those aware of a tendency to slouch, breaking the habit can prove difficult. The Upright posture trainer ($130), a small device that attaches to the lower back with single-use adhesives, holds users accountable by vibrating when they break from a flat-back position. The corresponding app, available on Apple and Android, designs a timed training program that, with daily practice sitting or standing with Upright in place, builds the muscle memory and core strength necessary to improve posture within weeks, and eventually once and for all.

Waterlogged - Health & Nutrition Apps - Mood Food - Healthy Diet for a Healthy MindThink you drink enough water? Most people need a minimum of eight glasses a day but few achieve it. With Waterlogged, you can make sure to get your fill. First, set your daily water goal and what time you want the app to remind you. Then log how much you drink and watch as the app’s virtual water bottle fills up to meet your daily quota. You can also monitor your weekly and monthly progress to stay on track.

A killer playlist can create magic during a rigorous workout, putting us in the zone and pushing us past our perceived limits. Fit Radio, one of the most intuitive music apps available for Apple and Android users, takes us to that place. Select music preference, BPM, a favorite DJ, or type of workout—from kickboxing to yoga, spinning to crossfit—and the app curates a custom playlist engineered to fuel an energized warm-up, provide steady motivation throughout, and arrive at a focused flow to the finish. Playlists even sync to interval and rest times, and will alert users when to stop and move on to the next set or pose. For runners, Fit Radio pace-matches speed to pair tracks with your exact steps per minute and also allows a manual selection based on mile-time or BPM pace, so you can move to the music or let the music move to you.

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