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It’s the thought that counts, they say. If that were true, everyone would be perceived as much more considerate and creative. Take hostess gift giving, for instance. We think about how nice it would be to arrive at the soiree with a unique present in hand. We think such a well-thought-out gift will reflect how grateful we are to be invited. We also think about how this gift is something we should contemplate well ahead of time.
   However, we let other things get in the way. We wait until the last minute and conveniently purchase something at the eleventh hour. We fail to put thought into a hostess gift and instead grab what’s readily available. Sadly, somewhere between our thoughts and actions, our courteous mindset is lost.
   Fear not, party people. Prepare to have your inner self shine through. We’ve wrangled a group of event-specific experts to bridge the gap between gift musings and actual execution. They share their ideas for inspired gifts that will have you promoted to guest-of-honor status.


Dinner Party thumb


The Dinner Party

Chef and cookbook author, Lenore Pinello of Tequesta’s In the Kitchen offers up some advice on selecting the perfect dinner party hostess gift.

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The Cocktail Party - Gift Guide for Hostess Gifts


The Cocktail Party

Owner and operator of The Blind Monk, Ben Lubin offers up some creative DIY hostess gifts for the cocktail party.

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Housewarming Party Hostess Gift Ideas


The Housewarming Party

Interior designer and author of the Master Class blog, Joe Davis shares his go-to housewarming gift ideas.

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The Ladies' Lunch Hostess Guft Ideas


The Ladies’ Lunch

Randi Siegal, owner of Palm Beach boutiques Rapunzel’s Closet and Lil’ Rapunzel, gives some sweet advice on hostess gift shopping for the ladies’ lunch invite.

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The Engagement Party - Gift Giving Ideas


The Engagement Party

The brainchild behind Posh Parties, Heather Lowenthal offers some outside-of-the-box gift ideas for the engagement party.

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