A Kid’s Insider’s Guide to Spring

Looking for some fun local outings to do with the kids this spring? We tapped our junior journalist, fifth-grader Haley Wade, for an insider’s guide to active activities outside the house.

Planet Air Sports - Zipline and TramplolinePlanet Air Sports

Planet Air Sports is a great way to get some exercise by bouncing all day on trampolines. You can play a massive game of dodge ball or go on a gigantic rope course.

   My personal favorite is the zipline and the vertical drop slide. And while you’re there, get hooked up and go bungee jumping and leap to faith

Palm Beach Ice Works - Ice-Skating in Palm Beach COuntyPalm Beach Ice Works

If it’s a hot day, cool off and go ice-skating at Palm Beach Ice Works. Ice-skating is really fun, especially dancing/skating to the music. After you skate for a little bit, go upstairs to the workout room and get on the treadmill. This is my favorite way to get cold on a hot day.

Eau Spa, Palm Beach - AquanautsEau Spa

Calling all adults: Eau Spa is a great get away for adults and children with the Aquanauts program. Drop them off with a friend while you go to the spa and they can play a big game of chess. I love Eau Spa, it’s one of my favorites.

Rapids Water ParkRapids Water Park

If you love the water like I do, then head over to the Rapids Water Park. You can go on water slides, the lazy river, learn to surf in the big wave pool and maybe even swim with some odd creatures. You can go on family rides and drop by the play areas for the kids.

Peanut Island - Camping in Palm Beach CountyPeanut Island

Are you ready to go to the place where people have been gossiping? That place is Peanut Island! Spend the night in the beautiful camping sites, and even swim with manatees in the lagoon. I have to warn you though: that the water is warm on top but cold on the bottom. I love Peanut Island; it is so peaceful when you just lay in the sun, read a good book and relax without getting sand in your eyes.


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