A Shopper’s Mecca for 25 Years

   It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been shopping at The Gardens Mall since 1988. More than just a mall (and a beautiful one at that), it has become a gathering place for shopping, socializing, dining, attending charity events and ushering in the holidays with dazzling displays.

   In celebration of its silver anniversary, The Gardens Mall will host a series of chic events throughout the year, starting with a private reception January 25 to kick off its “25 Years of Giving” campaign, a charitable effort benefiting 25 nonprofits. It’s just one of the reasons we love The Gardens Mall—in fact, in wishing a happy anniversary, we’ve come up with 24 more. Read our list below.

   Did we forget anything? Leave a comment telling us what you love about The Gardens Mall.


  1. The spacious ground floor is put to good use for community events and exhibits throughout the year, including fashion shows, Art Arribada, Maltz Jupiter Theatre performances and displays, and the kickoff party for the Honda Classic.
  2. Every morning, a group of cardio lovers participates in the Mall Walker Program, burning calories by walking the 1.5 miles of upper and lower mall levels (and salivating at the window displays).
  3. The four sculptures in The Gardens Mall are more prominent than most visitors realize. For instance, Diana, made by Albert Wein in 1985 as a special commission for the mall, won the gold medal at the National Academy of Design’s annual exhibition.
  4. There are two Starbucks locations—one upstairs, one downstairs—so shoppers are never too far from a venti latte.
  5. Holidays at the mall are pure magic. Our favorite is the Christmas display, with glittering, tasteful decorations and the jolliest Santa in town
  6. For those times you just can’t find a spot, there’s valet parking (thank goodness).
  7. The seating areas throughout the mall—especially those on the second-floor landings—are perfect for people watching.
  8. We could easily spend all day here doing more than just shop. The mix of retail, restaurants and services like salons makes the Gardens Mall more of a lifestyle destination.
  9. The large, sleek fountain in the center court is a pretty and entertaining centerpiece.
  10. In fact, we also love the outdoor fountains that welcome us at entrances.
  11. The lower level is always open, never crowded with kiosks.
  12. With five courtyards of sculptures and gardens, every inch of the mall is beautiful.
  13. Ever notice the fun picture spot outside Nordstrom? Stand underneath the escalator, look up and you’ll see your reflection on the mirrored escalator.
  14. It seems impossible, but the Gardens Mall is always clean, despite how many visitors are here.
  15. Unlike most mall experiences, we don’t want to just get in and get out. The atmosphere here is cheery and exciting.

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