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These vegan pizza topping options are the perfect way to have your pie and eat it too during National Pizza Month

Don’t let unhealthy toppings be the party pooper during your celebration of National Pizza Month this October. These vegan options are the perfect way to have your pie and eat it too—without any regrets.

  True Food Kitchen, Butternut Squash Pizza

The Place: True Food Kitchen, Boca Raton

The Pizza: Butternut squash

The Personality: True Food Kitchen introduces a new vegan pizza each season, and for this fall-inspired version, brand chef Robert McCormick points to the idea that “things that grow together, go together.” The autumnal treat couples kale (which is currently at its peak flavor thanks to cooler air) with butternut squash. Supporting ingredients like garlic, sage, caramelized onion, and dried cranberry highlight this sweet-and-savory pairing. Nuts are often used as a vegan substitution for dairy products, thanks to their high fat content. True Food blends raw, soaked almonds with lemon juice and zest, extra virgin olive oil, and kosher salt to produce its lemon almond ricotta.

Blaze, Vegan-Pizza

The Place: Blaze Pizza, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter

The Pizza: Customizable vegan pie

The Personality: Last year, this LeBron James–backed, fast-casual chain added spicy vegan chorizo to its menu. Developed in-house by Blaze’s executive chef, Bradford Kent, this plant-based protein joins a lineup of almost 20 veggie toppings—everything from Kalamata olives to seasonal delights roasted fresh daily. Build your own vegan pie (the crust and both red sauces are vegan) or try Blaze’s signature Vegan Pizza that combines Daiya cheese, mushrooms, red onions, green bell peppers, basil, and olive oil. 

Christopher's Kitchen, Jackfruitpizza

The Place: Christopher’s Kitchen, Palm Beach Gardens

The Pizza: Hawaiian barbecue and jackfruit

The Personality: Remove its prickly exterior and the jackfruit becomes an excellent meat substitute. When cooked long enough, the texture is extremely similar to pulled pork, and its mild flavor takes on whatever spices and sauces it is introduced to. This pizza is a creative play on jackfruit’s prowess, combining it with a sweet-and-spicy barbecue sauce as well as pineapple, onions, peppers, mushrooms, cilantro, and macadamia ricotta.

The dough is made fresh daily without any eggs or dairy and yet still manages to be soft while maintaining that desired crunch. 

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