A Vintage Find: HMF’s Oldest Wine Bottle

   The next time you find yourself admiring the glass-enclosed wine wall (below) at HMF at The Breakers, see if you can spot the 1907 bottle of Pereira D’e Ol’iveira Reserva Malvazia, Madeira nestled among the labels.

   The 107-year-old Portuguese vintage is the oldest of the restaurant’s 12,000 wine selections, costing $130 a pour.

   The average wine consumer might overlook Madeira—“most people think it’s a drink for Grandma,” jokes Virginia Philip, master sommelier at the resort—but true oenophiles appreciate its sweet flavor, which comes from the Malvasia grape. “It has a caramel note to it, but it’s not overly heavy,” Philip says.

   Madeira is served slightly chilled and is best paired with dishes like crème brûlée, vanilla ice cream or cheese, but Philip recommends enjoying a glass of the 1907 on its own, savoring every sip. (561-290-0104)

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