A Woman’s Journey

Phot Credits: Kim Zuccaro

Issues affecting women’s health encompass more than breast cancer and reproductive complications. A number of medical conditions facing both sexes present themselves differently for women, and trouble sleeping may be one of the most paramount according to sleep expert and neurologist Dr. Charlene Gamaldo, medical director of Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Center for Sleep. Dr. Gamaldo and her colleagues have found a connection between insomnia and neurodegenerative diseases. Since women are two-thirds more likely to suffer from insomnia than men, this leaves them acutely vulnerable to developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. Sleep is deeply personal and highly dependent on both environment and genetic expression, Dr. Gamaldo explains, but her team is committed to creating awareness and finding solutions for women. Johns Hopkins Medicine sheds even more light on matters affecting females at the annual A Woman’s Journey conference, taking place at the Palm Beach County Convention Center January 25. Over the course of a half-day, attendees can learn about groundbreaking research on regenerative medicine’s role in stimulating skin growth and other hot topics like the opioid epidemic and the mind-gut connection. Cynthia Lersten, a U.S. nuclear energy advisor, will also share her experience as a metastatic melanoma survivor.

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