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Adrianne Weissman - Palm Beach BeautyAdrianne Weissman | President, Evelyn & Arthur


   Fashion runs in Adrianne Weissman’s blood. A former buyer for Macy’s, Weissman now serves as president of her family’s business, Evelyn & Arthur, a woman’s fashion brand her parents founded more than 30 years ago. Weissman has injected new energy into Evelyn & Arthur, from renovating boutiques to invigorating the brand with more youthful and contemporary cuts. Her focus is on female empowerment, not just through the figure-flattering fashion from the brand but also within the community.

   While her fashion and business acumen give her ample bonafides to join the Palm Beach Beauties roster, her work in the community is equally as impressive. From volunteering with organizations such as Temple Israel, the Palm Beach Habilitation Center, and the United Way of Palm Beach County to advocating for women fighting breast cancer, Weissman also encourages each of the nine Evelyn & Arthur boutiques to take an active role in supporting the local community. Inside and outside her store, her work is creating a philanthropic net helping spread goodwill. 


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