Amanda Costa Marino Captures Natural Beauty

The Boynton Beach-based watercolorist illustrates her artistic study of Earth and other celestial bodies

Amanda Costa Marino crafts lunar-inspired art from her home studio in Boynton Beach.

Brazilian-American watercolor artist Amanda Costa Marino has expressed herself through art since childhood. The Boynton Beach resident now teaches occasional online watercolor workshops from her home studio and recently launched LUA Watercolors, a line of earth-toned watercolors. Her work is inspired by causes she’s passionate about and observations of the natural world; her artistic study of Earth and other celestial bodies has fueled her concerns about climate change.

“For the last few years, through comparing Venus and Earth, I’ve become more aware of how fast the earth is changing,” Marino says. “The ground we stand on is in need of help. Earth is always speaking, and it speaks in a visual manner. By observing our surroundings, we can learn to listen to it.”

In this vein, some of her collections question our place in the universe. “By placing Jupiter in a marshland or whales in outer space, it’s very clear they don’t belong there,” Marino explains. “At the same time, you’re hit with wonder; you know it isn’t real and could never be real—we need our home.” 

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