Amborella Organics Specializes in Sweet Sustainability

Delicious and eco-conscious, these sweet treats can help hone your green thumb

Photo by Heather Marie Collins

In 2011, Brennan Clarke came up with the idea to house a seed within a lollipop stick. He teamed up with Taylor Morgan to bring the concept to life, and the two began redefining the purely self-indulgent nature of lollipops. The resultant company, Amborella Organics, crafts lollipops that leave a lasting impression. After devouring the sweet treat, you can plant the biodegradable stick in soil and grow an herb or flower.

“The goal of our seed-bearing lollipops first and foremost has always been to entice people to garden,” says Morgan. “We believe gardening has an incredible impact on mental health, and that people are more likely to protect the planet if they have a relationship with it. Of course, having ingredients with high integrity and flavors that are delicious and elevated had to come with that experience. As did sustainability because these are values we look for as consumers, strive for in our daily lives, and that leave a positive impact on society.”

Morgan and Clarke decided to weave edible herbs and flowers throughout the lollipops, with the idea being that what you grow will be reminiscent of the treat you consumed. For example, the most popular flavor, strawberry and basil, yields a basil plant. The organic and vegan treats are available online or at Shoppe 561 in West Palm Beach. 

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