Andria Mitsakos Brings Delos Bags to Four Seasons Palm Beach

Andria Mitsakos has been a globetrotter all her life – from a childhood spent between Europe, the Caribbean, and New England, to a career as an international hotel expert, travel is an integral part of her business and being. This spring, Mitsakos and her lifestyle brand, Wanderlista, will partner with Maris Collective to bring a collection of purses inspired by her adventures to Four Seasons resorts around the world. The Four Seasons Palm Beach will carry the Folk Capsule collection, featuring the Delos bag, which draws from the island said to be the birthplace of Artemis, one of Greece’s lunar goddesses.

“Movie set lighting seems to glow everywhere on this tiny island, a destination that was the epicenter of Greek trade,” says Mitsakos, a Greek-American who first visited Delos in 2012. “It’s this perfect light that inspired me from that visit and it has followed me ever since.”

Perfect for day or night, the Delos bag is inspired by the shape of a half moon and uses vintage mid-century Greek textiles that Mitsakos unearthed from the high rafters of a fourth generation-owned textile manufacturing company in Athens – a special connection to her family’s history in the textile business.

“My father’s mother, Vasilki Sampatakakos, emigrated to America in the early nineteen hundreds at the age of 15, without a dime in her pocket,” Mitsakos says. “Like all immigrants at that time, she passed through Ellis Island and found her way to Lowell, Massachusetts, where she found work in the textile mills as a spinner. As I support the manufacturing sector in Greece, I feel that I’m able to perhaps continue what she wasn’t able to do since she had to flee the country to find a better life in America. Now, I feel that I’m truly giving back to my homeland and the legacy of my grandparents.”

To create the handbags, Mitsakos works closely with a team of old world artisans – a family that has been in handbag manufacturing for three generations – and hopes to further raise the profile of the country’s artisans, thus creating jobs, investment, and innovation.

“Most people don’t think of Greece when it comes to manufacturing, yet the country exported quite a lot of goods before it joined the EU,” Mitsakos says. “We have incredible craftsmanship here, and it’s my mission to preserve, revive and promote it.”

The Delos bags are available at The Four Seasons Palm Beach’s Swell Boutique and online at

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