Art Around Us

Check out the interactive installations of West Palm Beach's Art in Public Places program

A bevy of temporary installations are arriving in West Palm Beach courtesy of the city’s Art in Public Places program, which aims to establish West Palm as a creative laboratory and give local artists in various career stages a venue to venture beyond their studios.

Known for his murals, Eduardo Mendieta has brought three larger-than-life, origami-esque structures to the Northwood neighborhood. A paper crane, boat, and airplane—all made of fencing materials with designs woven in—now grace the intersection of Broadway and 24th.

Hector Diaz’s interactive Frame Your Neighborhood(s) is a series of four anamorphic street paintings—trompe l’oeil designs that appear 3D to the naked eye but are actually on a flat surface—in Coleman, Gaines, and Howard Park. The paintings, inspired by the history of their surroundings, are complemented by augmented reality elements accessible through an app.

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