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Ivey enjoying her black bean burger. Photography by Kent Anderson

The Skinny on Fake Meat

Why “plant-based” faux meat is worse than the real thing
Chia Seed Pudding. Photo by Kent Anderson

The Power of Seeds

These tiny morsels pack a nutritious punch.
Ivey preparing the brussels sprouts. Photo by Kent Anderson

The Deal with Vitamin D

Our resident healthy eating expert spills the tea on vitamin D.
Ivey prepares the sweet potato for her Mac 'N' Cheez. Photo by Kent Anderson

Introduction to Intuitive Eating

Tips for letting go of dieting rules and listening to your body
Photo by Jerry Rabinowitz

The Pros of Protein

Our resident food and wellness expert shares insight into the best sources of protein
Juliska Country Estate Kite Fliers Delft Blue salad bowl courtesy of Hive Home, Gift & Garden. Cara Cara Wethersfield Floral Garden Blue dress courtesy of Hive for Her. Photography by Jerry Rabinowitz

All About H2O

Why water is the most essential nutrient and how to make sure you are adequately hydrated
Ivey enjoying the Apple Pie Smoothie. Photography by Jerry Rabinowitz

Ethical Eating

Ivey Leidy shares insight into how our daily food choices impact the environment
Photography by Kent Anderson

Powered by Plants

How to lead and benefit from a plant-based lifestyle
Ivey sipping on her PB&J Plant Protein Smootie. Photo by Kent Anderson

The Longevity Diet

Tips for eating your way to a long, healthy life
Assembling the immunity bowl, photo by Kent Anderson

Eat for Your Immune System

Follow these tips for how to eat your way to a stronger immune system