Avocado Grill Celebrates 5 Years in West Palm Beach

Five things we love about Avocado Grill in honor of its anniversary

October marks five years since Avocado Grill opened in downtown West Palm Beach and became a staple in the local dining scene. How has this funky “Floribbean” eatery managed to earn such a special place in our hearts (and stomachs)? Let us count the ways.

  1. Avocados in Everything

In our lives B.A.G. (before Avocado Grill), we were well aware that adding avocado to a dish instantly makes it better. Chef Julien Gremaud, however, opened our eyes to all the possibilities of this green fruit. From the taste of our first grilled avocado, we were hooked. We’ve waxed poetic over the ginger guacamole’s subtle heat and experienced pure joy watching a friend try the avocado margarita for the first time. We’re all getting plenty of servings of healthy, monounsaturated fats, and we’re better for it. Life A.A.G (after Avocado Grill) is simply more delicious.

  1. Sunday Brunch

When you have Avocado Grill’s lively Sunday brunch to look forward to, the end of the weekend is no longer something to feel sad about. Grab a seat at the bar, or at one of the tables next to the front windows (prime people-watching territory), order a mimosa and the avocado toast, and enjoy the show. DJs (typically Adam Lipson during season) spin St. Tropez-style tunes complemented by live musicians playing tropical drums, trombone, and saxophone. It’s the ideal way to safeguard against the Sunday scaries. And since this is a daytime affair, there’s still plenty of time to tackle the to-do list before Monday hits.

This coming Sunday, October 13, Avocado Grill will host a special 5-year anniversary, “Beach Party”-themed brunch at its West Palm Beach location featuring music by Patrick M, DJ Julz, Mister Trombone, and Ryan Anthony on drums. Brunch enthusiasts won’t want to miss this epic party, which will also celebrate Gremaud’s birthday.

  1. The Redesign

Leading up to its 5-year birthday, Avocado Grill debuted a very chic facelift at its West Palm Beach location. Gremaud enlisted local talent to complete the project. Flower and Fringe supplied the overflowing greenery, while Hellbent Custom Garage took care of the unique woodwork and Soulfull Things crafted the basket-weaved lighting and tapestries. Avocado Grill has always been a destination, but features like the custom shell chandelier by Massimo Frank Lighting and the neon “You Gauc My World” sign have turned the restaurant into Instagram gold.

  1. The Vegan Menu

Whether vegan or not, it’s comforting to know that Avocado Grill caters to plant-based eaters with creative options. No one needs to feel excluded for their lifestyle or for wanting to eat light. Bring on the curried cauliflower and the watermelon coconut poke!

  1. The Palm Beach Gardens Location

North county residents had their wishes granted when Avocado Grill opened up its second location at Downtown at the Gardens off of PGA Boulevard. Proving you can never have too much of a good thing, the second location features an even larger dining space, plenty of eye candy thanks to its signature decor, and the same dishes we’ve all come to know and love. Cheers to five tasty years, Avocado Grill.

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