Best Locavore Outpost

The best meals make you feel loved, which explains why we want to give chef Eric Baker a hug every time we eat at Max’s Harvest in Delray Beach. The New York native serves up impeccably presented modern American fare with a focus on homegrown ingredients and international flavors from France, Spain, and Asia.

Eric Baker, Executive Chef at Max’s Harvest.

Think fork-tender hanger steak bourguignonne with house-made bacon and rainbow cauliflower or just-caught cobia served with a ma la vinaigrette composed of so many ingredients we lose count. Then, there are the dishes that tug us back to our childhood tables, like handmade pierogies served with leeks, heirloom carrots, and summer squash. Save us a seat at this harvest table.

Right: Chef Baker’s stuffed shishitos with local shrimp, seaweed emulsion, and bonito.

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