Best Place for FIKA

Fika, or coffee break, is taken seriously in Sweden. Many Swedish companies even make it a mandatory practice, believing it breeds a happier, more productive workforce. A proper fika includes three things: Swedish coffee, a cinnamon bun or something sweet, and, most importantly, good conversation. Nicklas and Bernt Thuden would know. After running a successful café in Stockholm for 15 years, they opened Johan’s Jöe Swedish Coffee House & Café in West Palm Beach. Amidst the crystal chandeliers and reindeer motifs, they offer ethically roasted Löfbergs Lila coffee and a menu of Swedish delights like princess tortes, a traditional dessert made with sponge cake, jam, pastry cream, and marzipan. For a true slice of Nordic bliss, we recommend the Swedish pancakes topped with raspberry or lingonberry preserves and fresh whipped cream.

Johan’s Jöe offers the ultimate afternoon break, complete with Swedish coffee and pastries.

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