The Best of Glasstress

Artists test the limits of glass in the exhibition “Glasstress Boca Raton,” on display at the Boca Raton Museum of Art through July 2. Composed of more than 40 works by 33 artists from 23 countries, this show asks viewers to rethink glass as an artistic genre all its own. While there are many amazing piece to take in—including those by Boca Raton–based artist Carol Prusa—here are a few that standout for all the right reasons:

Marta Klonowska’s The Fish, made from watercolored glass and metal, puts a spin on a common Florida motif.

Fred Wilson took inspiration from mirrors found in eighteenth-century Venice to make the gothic-chic Iago’s Mirror.

There’s more meaning than meets the eye (and heart) in Kendell Geers’ Cardiac Arrest VIII, which was made using glass police batons.

Working with glass, metal, and stuffed crows, Javier Pérez showcases the mortal side of beauty in this piece, entitled Carroña.

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