Black Tie & Baggies

It’s hard to imagine a place as expansive as the ocean and all its outlying coastal areas needing help, but our seas are in dire need of a little TLC. Which is why Surfrider Foundation, an organization dedicated to the “protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches,” such an important ally in the fight to protect the sea and the life that lives in and depends on the world’s oceans for survival (that includes humankind too). Through grassroots efforts, local meet-ups and events, Surfrider chapters have been a powerful and effective international force, helping improve water quality, encouraging the use of reusable and recycled material—namely weaning off of plastic grocery bags and bottles—fight for public beach access, promote and educate the public on “ocean friendly gardens” to help stem urban runoff, as well as outreach and educational programs proselytizing the plight of the world’s oceans as they currently stand. And this is just a brief, very brief, overview of what Surfrider’s mission and goals; each chapter is fighting for protection on local and regional levels, creating a web of interconnected conservation efforts.

Black Tie & Baggies - Surfrider Foundation, Palm Beach County chapter

   On November 15, the Palm Beach County chapter of Surfrider will be taking its mission from the beaches to the bar for the first-ever Black Ties & Baggies event at E.R. Bradley’s Beach Club in Lake Worth. An evening of live music, dining, drinks and some pretty rad silent auction items, Black Ties & Baggies will likely be the most laid back “black tie” event of the season – no worries folks, this isn’t a true B.T. event, hence the baggies portion of the name. The event also aims to merge environmental issues with the cultural set of Palm Beach County, with local artists displaying and auctioning off works to help support Surfrider PBC’s mission.

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