Bruce’s Ghost Pepperz Specializes in Fiery Condiments

Bruce Ollis' homemade hot sauces bring the heat

A devotee of all things spicy, Bruce Ollis began growing peppers and making his own hot sauce as a hobby. As his sauce’s popularity took off, Ollis and his wife, Stacey, started developing a larger range of products including rubs, dip mixes, pepper jelly, and salsas using Floridian ingredients to sell at the West Palm Beach GreenMarket and other regional outlets. Hard-core hot pepper fiends will appreciate the fiery taste of Ollis’ ghost pepper hot sauces, while those seeking a less intense kick will rave over the guava spiced jelly, raspberry chipotle sauce, or smoky orange barbecue sauce. Order online and receive a free monthly special item to expand your palate.

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