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Carolyn Kelly - Palm Beach BeautyCarolyn Kelly Florida Atlantic University’s First Lady


   You could say Carolyn Kelly’s heart is never far from the sea. Before making Boca Raton her home, Kelly was director of the South Carolina Coastal Zone Management Program, overseeing all aspects of coastal regulatory permitting, harbor deepening and port expansion, beach re-nourishment, and offshore issues and initiatives. Before that, Kelly was chief of Natural Resource Damages, a civilian role with the U.S. Coast Guard, managing a $1 billion trust fund for natural resource damages as a result of oil spills in areas encompassing the Arctic Circle to American Samoa. With a background in marine biology and a master’s degree in natural resources economics, Kelly’s dedication to the sea has earned her accolades, including a South Carolina Senate resolution for outstanding service to the state.

   Now, Kelly has taken residence at the Baldwin House on Florida Atlantic University’s Boca Raton campus. As FAU’s First Lady, Kelly has trained her focus on creating economic partnerships through building relationships with business leaders, elected officials, nonprofit organizations, the community at large, and donors representing all six FAU campuses. Her goal is to unite the strengths of the university through collaboration and innovation with the South Florida region and beyond.


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