A Gifted Program | The Art of Gifting

From hostess gifts to engagement presents, we speak with some local experts on how to give with panache.

Hostess Gift Giving | The Dinner Party

Lenore Pinello of Tequesta's In the Kitchen offers up some advice on selecting the perfect dinner party hostess gift.

Hostess Gift Giving | The Cocktail Party

Owner and operator of The Blind Monk, Ben Lubin offers up some creative DIY hostess gifts for the cocktail party.

Hostess Gift Giving | The Ladies’ Lunch

Randi Siegal gives some sweet advice on hostess gift shopping for the ladies’ lunch invite.

Hostess Gift Giving | The Engagement Party

The brainchild behind Posh Parties, Heather Lowenthal offers some outside-of-the-box gift ideas for the engagement party

Hostess Gift Giving | The Houswarming Party

Interior designer and author of the Master Class blog, Joe Davis shares his go-to housewarming gift ideas.

French Connection | Dinner Party Advice

For the perfect French-themed dinner party, Lori Hedtler, owner of Devonia Antiques, offers some Francophile advice.