Going Out

Kravis on Broadway | Porgy and Bess

George Gershwin’s classic Porgy and Bess merges jazz with opera for one of the great musicals of all time.

Kravis on Broadway | War Horse

Based on Michael Morpurgo’s novel of the same name, War Horse depicts the bond between human and animal during WWI.

Kravis on Broadway | Sister Act

Based on the 1992 Whoopi Goldberg movie, Sister Act is bringing a new attitude to the Broadway musical.

Respect: A Musical Journey of Women

Celebrate women with the Boca Raton Theatre Guild as it presents "Respect: A Musical Journey of Women."

A Holiday Tradition

The Rockettes sparkle at the Kravis Center

Christmas Culture

Palm Beach County's holiday happenings

Maltz Jupiter Theatre | New Digs, New Season

The Maltz Jupiter Theatre's newly expanded theater is making northern Palm Beach County a cultural hub.

Thrill of the Chase

The Palm Beach Hounds charges into its formal season of no-kill foxhunts January 4.

West Palm Beach’s Sandy Holiday Greetings

Downtown West Palm Beach rings in the holiday spirit with the third annual Sand and Sea-Sun's Greeting sand sculptures.

Mensa Material Quiz Answers

1,155 Zipper. (The others can be anagrammed into the names of cities: Rome, Paris, Chester.) Strengths Jane’s daughter. (Jane’s mother’s husband is Jane’s father, his daughter is...