Cheese Whiz: Grilled Cheese Gallery

Nostalgic for lunch at your grandmother’s house? The newly opened Grilled Cheese Gallery, at 430 Northwood Road in West Palm Beach (561-628-2466), is taking comfort food to another level. “We always had grilled cheese and tomato-basil soup on the menu at O-Bo Restaurant and Wine Bar,” says Jeffrey Thompson, owner of both eateries. “I wanted to offer our customers a quick-service concept that was both high quality and affordable.”

The Southern Belle - Grilled Cheese Gallery in Northwood, West Palm Beach

The Southern Belle

   A cozy space, GCG opened in November and has been packed ever since. Grandma would be amazed by the sandwich variety and their unique names: The Duchess (fresh lobster and three cheeses), the Steak Melt (hanger steak, cheddar, gruyère, kimchi, and caramelized onions), and meatless delights like The Artist (sautéed shiitake, crimini, and oyster mushrooms combined with Swiss, arugula, and truffle oil).

   GCG is also doing a brisk business with poutine, the Canadian dish of French fries and gravy that is a staple of the Quebec diet. The fries are enhanced with toppings such as beef short ribs, grilled chicken, hanger steak, and tofu. “I live in Northwood and I’ve watched the neighborhood explode in the last year or two,” Thompson says. “This is a satisfying way for me to be invested in the community.”

Kimchee Steak Poutine - Grilled Cheese Gallery in Northwood Village in West Palm Beach

Kimchee Steak Poutine

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