Charcuterie Know-How with Cheeseboarder

Veteran caterers Aaron and Julie Menitoff deliver artisanal cheese and charcuterie boards around the country

Cheeseboarder arrangement, photo by Libby Volgyes
Photo by Libby Volgyes

Aaron and Julie Menitoff have taken the guesswork out of charcuterie displays with Cheeseboarder. The Loxahatchee residents, who have long been in the catering business with their Wellington Hospitality Group, started this new venture in the wake of the pandemic. With the demand for in-person events at an all-time low, the Menitoffs began delivering ready-to-eat cheese and charcuterie boards locally. By mid-October, they had launched their product on Goldbelly and were shipping all over the country.

Cheeseboarder shipments arrive on doorsteps within 48 hours of ordering. Similar to bento boxes, the boards come with individually wrapped trays full of cheeses, meats, and condiments that go well together. Aaron notes that he and his team carefully curate the ingredients and source from small-batch producers from all over the world. “We’re trying to keep what we do really artisan,” he says. “Whatever you find on the board, it’s not like you’re going to walk into Publix and find the same thing.”

Aaron adds that he was aware of the popularity of charcuterie—given the number of his catering clients who requested grazing stations at their events—but he and Julie have been surprised with the overwhelming response to their products. By December, Cheeseboarder had already made 6,000 shipments. 

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