City Slicker

Crossing the Grid, David Kapp

Have you ever passed a stranger on the street or glanced at the driver of an adjacent car and wondered what his or her life was like? Have you then—in that split second before the light turns green—imbued this person with a rich backstory that resonates far beyond your morning commute? These moments of urban familiarity are inevitable when you reside in a metropolis like Manhattan. Artist and native New Yorker David Kapp’s work embodies the poetic freneticism, occasional melancholy, and oxymoronic isolation that is modern city life. Beginning October 3, the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens in West Palm Beach will display his paintings and collages as part of an exhibition entitled “David Kapp: Crossing the Grid.” Forever inspired by his hometown, Kapp’s city-centric collection will incur new meaning when viewed inside sculptor Ann Norton’s former home, the lush gardens and significantly calmer El Cid traffic a welcomed change of scenery.

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