Color Coded

   This weekend, ArtHouse429 in West Palm Beach celebrates color and form in the new exhibition “CHROMA.” ArtHouse429, located in the artistically vibrant Northwood Village, was founded by designer/sculptor William Halliday in January 2013. Over the last two years, it has become a haven for local artists and their works. “CHROMA” comprises works by Palm Beach-based artists Clemente Mimun, James Sagui and Liz Ghitta Segall and local painter Jefro, with a focus on how these artists use color as a form of expression in both painting and sculpture.

   Painter Jefro works in vibrant brushstrokes and buoyant colors, often layering shades upon one another on the canvas to create a multidimensional effect. His work is influenced by a strong Asian and Pacific Rim sensibility, having been raised in the Philippines and attended high school in Hawaii. A refreshing palette reminiscent of the region and prominent Pacific symbols, such as fish and crowns, permeate his work. He has been painting in earnest since the age of 26 and has shown extensively in Florida and New York.

Passionate Life of Flora, Jefro

     From Asian influences to a French flair, Canadian-born artist Liz Ghitta Segall grew up in New York but spent most of her life in France before relocating to Palm Beach County. Her training is multicultural, having studied at L’Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris and at Sarah Lawrence College in Brooklyn, and she has exhibited throughout Florida. Her work is abstract in character and deeply affected by her color palette, often showcasing stark contrasts in color and form.

   Clemente Mimun also experienced an international upbringing. The son of a gallery owner, Mimun spent his childhood in Carthage, Tunisia exploring local museums and the ancient terrain. He studied in Paris before settling in the United States and, eventually, Florida. His work frequently features recognizable forms, but he does not utilize any models. Clemente strives to find the common ground between memory and imagination, using complementary color palettes to translate his visions of people, places and objects.

Les Comediens Espagnoles, Clemente Mimun

   The final artist featured in “CHROMA” is also the only artist with a wholly American background. Sculptor James Sagui was born on the Jersey Shore, studied in Boston and now owns a woodshop in West Palm Beach. His evolving aesthetic tends to focus on the human condition and man’s relationship with contemporary society. His contributions to the exhibition will explore the role of color and material within sculpture art.

   “CHROMA” is a special feature exhibit and will be on display briefly from March 26 to 30. To learn more about the show or ArtHouse429, visit

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