Craft Beer Style Guide

Broadly speaking, beer is divided into two groups: lagers and ales. Lagers tend to be light in color, dry, low in alcohol and easy to drink. Ales are higher in alcohol, and are usually more complex and full-bodied than lagers. Here’s a quick guide to craft beer styles:

Pilsner - clean, crisp style beer



Originally from Czechoslovakia, the pilsener style is extremely popular: clean, crisp, simple and pleasantly bitter.


Wheat Beer - Bavarian beer style - summer style beer


Wheat Beer

Native to the Bavarian region of Germany, this light-colored beer is brewed with 50 percent wheat and 50 percent malt, and is generally regarded as a summer product.

Brown Ale - moderately bitter beer with sweet flavor


Brown Ale

An amber-colored beer first brewed in seventeenth-century London; versions range from low-alcohol and sweet to stronger and moderately bitter.

Pale Ale - pale malty beer with strong hop and spicy flavor


Pale Ale

Made from pale malt and gently roasted barley, the American versions tend to be spicy with a strong hop flavor.

IPA - Indian Pale Ale - hoppy beer


IPA (India Pale Ale)

First brewed for British troops in nineteenth-century India, the IPA is a sub-category of pale ale. One of the most popular craft beer styles, it has a strong flavor of hops and a slightly bitter taste.

Bock - German-style lager - caramel colored beer



A strong German-style lager, bocks are deeply colored, rich in flavor with a hint of bitterness.

Porter - dark roasted malt beer - toffe, chocolate notes - beer guide for beginners



Very dark in color, porters are made with roasted malt or barley and have complex notes of chocolate, toffee and toasted grains.

Stout - dark, black beer - high alchohol beer with bold flavor - craft beer style guide for beginners



Virtually black, stouts are high in alcohol and assertive in flavor, displaying notes of coffee, chocolate, molasses and licorice.



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