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Denise Nieman is a busy woman. As the County Attorney for Palm Beach County, she provides legal counsel for county government and the county commission. November marked 28 years of her dedication to the community working in the County Attorney’s office, holding the seat as County Attorney since 1996. But the job does not define the woman.

   With a doctorate in natural health, Denise has dedicated her mornings to encouraging women to “live a life of harmonious balance encompassing body, mind, spirit, love and life” through her musings on the Facebook page Glitter the Globe. Meanwhile, her book, Rock The World Rehab: A 4 – Step “Get Red Carpet Ready” Body + Mind + Heart + Soul Detox Adventure, is a motivational guide to bring joy into one’s life through diet, exercise and excising the “takers and haters.”

   With an eye on helping young women reach their full potential, Denise spends her charitable time offering guidance and inspiration to young girls in need of love, guidance, hope and inspiration. Taking a page from her own mantra, Denise encourages all the young women she comes in contact with to believe in themselves, strive to do their best and never give up. Vote for Denise Nieman below.


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