Discover Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market

West Palm Beachers can get their produce fix daily and take home unique products to make them feel good from the inside out

Bedner's Farm Fresh Market produce

The Bedner family has been embracing farm-to-table long before it became a culinary trend. Farmers for five generations, they have been growing locally since the 1960s.  Bedner’s Boynton Beach farm, with seasonal “u-pick” opportunities and a market, has amassed a fan following among families and foodies. Now, with the opening of Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market in the former Ragtops location on Dixie Highway, West Palm Beachers can get their produce fix daily.

In addition to a selection of the 45 items grown on their farm, the Bedners benefit from relationships with farmers all along the east coast to ensure they receive the freshest, highest quality produce. But the market is much more than a fruit and vegetable stand.

“Our goal was to be your everyday green market,” says general manager Lane Brooker. “Along with amazing homegrown produce, we have USDA Prime Black Angus steaks cut by old-world butchers; fresh seafood including many local varieties of fish and stone crabs; hot soup, salads, or sandwiches for lunch; a great bottle of wine at a really good price; international, fresh-cut cheese; and healthy, cleansing juices.”

Here, we highlight a few more unique products available at Bedner’s that will make you feel good from the inside out. 

Stryve Beef Biltong Slices available at Bedner's Farm Fresh Market

Stryve Beef Biltong Slices

Using a South African family recipe that dates back to the seventeenth century, this protein-packed (16 grams per serving) snack contains only beef, vinegar, and spices. No nitrates, preservatives, sugar, or gluten enhances its healthy report card, while the ChefsBest Award of Excellence designation gives it added street cred.

Lavva Pili Nut Yogurt available Bedner's Farm Fresh Market

Lavva Pili Nut Yogurt

The lowest carb nut on the planet, the pili nut is blended with coconut and cassava (and without any gums and sugars) to produce yogurt with a thick, creamy texture. Each cup contains 50 billion probiotics thanks to prebiotic-rich plantains that are added to feed the probiotics.

Karma Wellness Water available at Bedner's Farm Fresh Market

Karma Wellness Water

Push the protective cap to infuse superfruits, antioxidants, and vitamins into the water and create a 20-calorie beverage that delivers six times the active ingredients of premixed vitamin waters and 110 percent of your daily need of seven essential vitamins.

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