Discover Sake at the Morikami

Discover Sake - Morikami Museum and Japanese GardensAre you a sake novice, struggling on where to begin with the brewed rice? An expert looking to add a new vintage to the tasting belt? The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens welcomes all for a special evening of premium sake tastings and pairings with some rather special guests on May 22. From 6-9 p.m., the Morikami’s Discover Sake event will wlecome five of Japan’s most celebrated sakes brewers (Yuichiro Tanaka, Rihaku Shuzo Brewery; Kiyoaki Doi, Doi Shuzo Brewery; Miho Imada, Imada Shuzo Brewery; Yoshiko Sato, Kaetsu Brewery; and Tetsuyasu Sato, Takasago Shuzo), as well as John “The Sake Guy” Gauntner—the world’s leading non-Japanese sake expert, for a discussion of all things sake, as well as a tasting of some of the storied sake breweries’ premium sips, paired perfectly with bites from the Cornell Café.

   Sake, made from rice, is more akin to beer than wine, undergoing a brewing process to create the libation. Learn how color, aroma, flavor, and texture all play their part when tasting the brewed bevvy, as well as how the process of brewing: selecting the right quality of rice, milling, polishing, and filtering, all affect the overall flavor and profile of the finished product. Gauntner will walk guests through each of the breweries’ premium offering, explaining why each of the breweries are unique, while giving tasters notes to look for.

  • Admission is limited. Tickets cost $75 ($55 for members). Dress is cocktail attire. Proceeds from Discover Sake will benefit the Morikami’s More Opportunities to Reach Youth program (MORY), which funds summer trips to the Morikami for low-income students in Palm Beach County. For more information, visit

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