Doughtopia Specializes in Sweet Treats

Get your cookie dough fix and satisfy your sweet tooth

Doughtopia scoops
Doughtopia scoops


Palm Beach Gardens baker Rachel Wallace says she has always had “the most ridiculous sweet tooth in the world.” When the cookie dough craze hit the nation, she began experimenting and came up with a recipe that resembles the irresistible batter we all like to sneak bites of—without the raw eggs or baking powder/soda. She founded Doughtopia in 2019 and started selling scoops at local green markets. Her OG Chocolate Chip reigns as her best seller, while flavors like Yabba Dabba Dough (sugar cookie dough with Fruity Pebbles) showcase her creativity. Doughtopia’s sweet treats boast a counter life of two weeks, though they’re unlikely to last more than a few minutes after you take that first divine bite. Place orders by sending a direct message through Doughtopia’s Instagram account, @cookiedoughtopia. 

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