The Dynamic Duo: Turmeric and Ginger

Eastern medicine has lauded the health benefits of turmeric and ginger for centuries, and for good reason. Turmeric boasts many anti-inflammatory and antiaging properties, while ginger is known to aid digestion, reduce nausea, and fight free radicals. Before taking this powerful supplement duo, consult with a doctor and ensure the source is credible. “In America, sadly, supplements are not regulated,” says Palm Beacher David H. Gilmour, founder of Fiji Water and Wakaya Perfection. “We’ve discovered turmeric [on the shelves of a pharmacy] was rice flour and food coloring. You really have to do your research.”

The pursuit of purity and health is what led Gilmour to begin bottling Fiji Water in 1996 (he has since sold the company) and launch Wakaya Perfection, a collection of superfoods grown on the 2,200-acre, organically certified Fijian island Wakaya. His turmeric and pink ginger (both $175 for 250 capsules) are harvested by hand and grown from seeds dating back to nineteenth-century China and India. Wakaya’s virgin volcanic soil and pure rainwater also account for the ginger and turmeric’s unparalleled potency.

In their powder form, ginger and turmeric are ideal for seasoning food and brewing tea. In addition to the capsules, Wakaya Perfection sells powder directly to consumers. At 87 years old, Gilmour takes two capsules of both turmeric and ginger each day and says he “feels better now than when I was 60.” His advice? “Follow a regimen. It’s not something you can dart in and out of. You have to do it seven days a week. Health is your wealth.”

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