Ear Seeding is an Ancient Wellness Practice

Adriana Goettelmann of Balance Point Acupuncture Clinic in West Palm Beach shares the secrets of this form of traditional Chinese medicine

While its roots date back to 500 BC, ear seeding is now trending as an alternative health solution. Adriana Goettelmann is a board-certified licensed acupuncture physician with a National Acupuncture Detoxification Association certification using auriculotherapy who practices at Balance Point Acupuncture Clinic in West Palm Beach. Here, she shares the secrets of this form of traditional Chinese medicine.

PBI: What is ear seeding?

Goettelmann: The practice of auricular acupuncture is based on the theory that there are specific points mapped in the outer ear. These points are a micro system, like the hands and feet in reflexology, that correspond to major organs, physiological functions, and symptoms of the human body. When an acupuncture physician treats the outer ear, ear seeding is an alternative to traditional acupuncture needles. Seeds are the perfect size to activate and pressurize ear points, sending signals to the reflex centers of the brain to exert relaxation.

What do you treat with ear seeds?

At Balance Point Acupuncture Clinic, we offer various ear seeding protocols including [ones focused on] happiness, smoke or alcohol cessation, curving cravings, pain, and insomnia. Each protocol includes five to six ear seeds that are placed on the ear points. We use gold- and silver-coated ear seeds as well as traditional Vaccaria Hispanica seeds.

Can you explain the process?

The seeds are self-adhesive and hold in place after your acupuncture physician applies slight pressure to the required point. The seeds are not sharp and do not pierce the skin. Many people report an immediate sense of calmness, slower breathing, and stress relief. Balance Point Acupuncture Clinic recommends that the seeds stay on for five days to avoid irritation of the skin. Each week your acupuncture physician will alternate the ear receiving treatment.

Why all the buzz?

Ear seeding is an effective, pain-free, and accessible alternative wellness treatment. Additionally, once you have established a relationship with your acupuncture physician, seed- ing treatments can only take a few minutes to complete.

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