Easy Raw: Alternative Noodles

Alternative Noodles for the Easy Raw diet - Sur La Table Benriner Cook Vertical Spiral SlicerTraditional noodles or pastas can’t be consumed on a raw diet, because they require cooking. Thankfully, a new culinary trend is making it easier for raw foodies to get their noodle fix. Pinterest is populated with recipes for vegetable noodles, which can be made from many types of produce, including carrots, cucumbers, eggplants, and the ever-popular zucchini—zoodles, anyone? Products like Sur La Table’s Benriner Cook Vertical Spiral Slicer ($30, 800-243-0852) make it easy to create spiralized veggies that can then be topped with raw marinara, pesto, or even a vegan Alfredo sauce. Sur La Table locations


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