Eat Palm Beach Delivers During Pandemic

Cristyle Egitto has been supporting the culinary industry by delivering food to frontline workers and first responders.

Taylor Rae Photography

As statewide restrictions shuttered restaurants and bars, blogger Cristyle Egitto of Eat Palm Beach knew she couldn’t sit idly by while the industry she loved faced calamity.

“I’ve been part of the food community for the last seven years; some of these chefs and owners are like family,” says Egitto. “Any time there’s a charity event, they’re the first to step up and donate time, energy, food, and gift cards. It was clear to me this was the time to reciprocate their generosity.”

To combat the ruinous effects of the closures, Egitto launched #SavePBFood, a fundraiser doing double duty: Donations are used to place catering orders at local restaurants that are then brought to first responders and families in need. Egitto has raised more than $20,000 (and counting) to purchase food from more than 60 local restaurants to boost morale through 100-plus deliveries to hospitals, fire stations, police departments, and medical offices.

“The format has allowed us to inject cash into local restaurants while thanking and providing a feel-good [moment] to our first responders,” she explains. “It’s given the community a platform to participate and make a difference.” 

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