Edible Easter Eggs

Instead of searching for pastel plastic eggs filled with mini prizes, we went on the hunt for unique egg dishes from South Florida restaurants. Forget the Easter basket—here’s what we’re putting on our plate this spring.   



Photo by Jorge Marquez

Local and unique, Café Boulud in Palm Beach serves a crispy farm egg with mushroom fricassée and mustard greens from Swank Farms. (561-655-6060)



Photo by Girona Consulting

Enjoy a cooked egg straight out of the shell: Chez Jean-Pierre in Palm Beach prepares scrambled eggs and chives in an eggshell topped with hackleback caviar. (561-833-1171)



Keely Spell Photography

Eggs on pizza? Why not? The Meatball Room in Boca Raton serves a white-sauce pie topped with tomatoes, spinach, pancetta, goat cheese and four fried eggs. (561-409-4111)



The “Not Your Mom’s Recipe” deviled eggs at Jack’s Grumpy Grouper in Lantana live up to their name—they’re filled with crabmeat, paprika and capers. (561-847-4158)



Steak tartare is often topped with a chicken egg, but a quail egg is the star of the dish at Cut 432 in Delray Beach. (561-272-9898)



 Crack the shell and then raise a glass at West Palm Beach’s Pistache French Bistro, where the La Bastille whisky cocktail is made with egg whites. (561-833-5090)

   Want to make it at home? Follow the recipe below:



Fill a tall glass with ice. Add whisky, Pavan and pineapple juice. Transfer to a large bar shaker. Add egg white and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Transfer back to glass, add mint leaf and serve immediately. Make sure to wipe off foamy mustache after sipping.

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