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Give fatigued skin a well-deserved hydration vacation with infused HydroJelly masks at Palm Beach Facials

Palm Beach Facials’ Gold Off HydroJelly mask

Give fatigued skin a well-deserved hydration vacation with a HydroJelly mask. Brittany Johnston, owner of Palm Beach Facials, notes that these masks are unlike any you may have tried before. “The occlusive barrier created by the thick mask allows ingredients to better penetrate the skin, rather than be absorbed into the atmosphere,” explains Johnston. “Also, because they cover the eyes and mouth, HydroJelly masks target areas of the face that a traditional face mask is not designed to treat. Your entire face is left hydrated and glowing.”

The mask is a liquid-jelly consistency when applied. After approximately 10 minutes, it becomes firm and rubber-like and is easily peeled away—revealing plump and hydrated skin. Clients at Johnston’s salon can choose from a variety of innovative HydroJelly masks, each designed to address specific skin concerns. Currently, the skin-balancing CBD (with 1,000 mg of cannabidiol) and the firming 24-karat gold (with actual gold flakes) are the most popular. 

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