Fashion with a Purpose: Turtle TOMS

TOMS is once again leading the way in philanthropic footwear. Partnering with Oceana—an organization that has been working to save oceans and their animal dwellers since 2001—TOMS is helping to raise awareness for one of the world’s most beloved sea creatures with a limited-edition shoe collection.

TOMS and Oceana

   Florida and the areas surrounding the Gulf of Mexico are fertile grounds for turtle nesting, and these charming marine reptiles are frequent victims of bycatching. The new collection shines a spotlight on the importance of sea turtles and the work being done by Oceana to protect them. Inspired by the colors of the ocean, the footwear evokes Oceana’s mission to make the oceans as rich, healthy, and abundant as they once were.

  • Purchases can be made on the TOMS website as well as at Tootsie’s in Vero Beach (772-234-6783), and proceeds go to Oceana.

TOMS and Oceana

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