Feast on Fries

Four PBI editors share their favorite local spots for french fries (warning: may induce cheat-day cravings)

PBI Editors Pick Fries

Grease Burger Bar

Daphne Nikolopoulos, Editor in Chief

Fans of thick-cut, skin-on wedge, or crinkle fries, you can stop reading. But if you appreciate the delicate, crispy texture of a pile of shoestrings hot from the fryer, this post is for you. For the holy grail of shoestring fries, head to Grease and order a batch of russet potato fries. Marvel at their thin, almost elegant shape. Swoon over the just-enough potato taste that enhances but doesn’t overpower the burger. I happen to be a purist, but if you think more is more, opt for the loaded OMG cheese fries or the “famous” truffle Parmesan fries. You really can’t go wrong. West Palm Beach

The Office

Mary Murray, Executive Editor

For me, a burger and fries is a last-meal-worthy treat. The Office boasts an array of guilty-pleasure burgers, but I especially appreciate this hip gastropub’s veggie burger, a quinoa and lentil patty topped with an umami bomb of confit onions. What puts this meal over the top, though, are The Office’s fries, which I love dipping in the signature Office sauce, a slightly spicy yet light remoulade. If you look up the definition of “french fries” in the dictionary, you’re sure to find a picture of these perfectly crispy, divinely salted, hand-cut beauties. Delray Beach

Pistache frite sheet, courtesy of Pistache
Courtesy of Pistache

Pistache French Bistro

Kristen Desmond LeFevre, Senior Editor

France invented fries, so it’s no wonder Pistache serves up the most authentic version around. Stop by for the restaurant’s two-for-$20 happy hour (held daily from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.) and make the large fries your first choice. Pick two sauces from six offerings—the roasted garlic and basil aioli and the au poivre are my go-tos. These crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside shoestring fries arrive in an oversized paper cone of deliciousness. Pro-tip: Select the moules marinière as your second plate to score yet another sauce in which to dip your fries, making for the ultimate French frites fest. West Palm Beach 


Mark Spivak, Wine & Spirits Editor

If you’re passionate about fries and need a change of pace, head to Darbster. This creative, plant-based bistro serves its gluten-free sweet potato fries with a smoked paprika aioli to balance the natural richness of the tubers. Sweet potatoes are high in complex carbohydrates, fiber, and beta-carotene, which may assuage any guilt you feel about fried food. West Palm Beach

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