Fit Palm Beach

From practicing yoga in the Atlantic Ocean to cycling along A1A, Palm Beachers are finding fun ways to stay in shape. Looking for a new workout? Warm up to these local fitness trends.


Fit Palm Beach - Yoga Variations


Yoga Variations

A combination of strength, flexibility and balance, yoga takes many forms in Palm Beach.

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Barre Fitness


Barre Programs

A cross between ballet and Pilates, barre fitness is a fast-paced exercise that builds strength and flexibility.

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High-intensity interval training


High-Intensity Interval Training

Maximize fat- and calorie-burning efforts with high-intensity interval training.

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Outdoor Fitness in Palm Beach


Outdoor Endurance

From running to biking, the great outdoors is a great place to work out in Palm Beach.

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Technology Gadgets and Apps for Your Workout


Tech & Tone

Get moving with these must-have fitness gadgets.

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Three Palm Beach Trainers to Call for Your Fitness Needs


Three Trainers to Call

Want to take your workout to the next level? Get guidance from one of these local fitness coaches.

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Fitness Excuses Debunked


Seven Exercise Excuses Debunked

Excuses, excuses. We’ve all made them—but just try to talk your way out of a workout with these responses from local fitness experts.

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