Fresh Roast: Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co.

Cold-Brewed Coffee - Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co. - Boutique, Micro-Lot Coffee Roaster in Palm Beach CountyWhen the ever-popular West Palm Beach GreenMarket opens this October, it will be with a birthday bang. The county’s longest running farmer’s market—selling the wares from more than 70 local vendors, including: seasonal produce, flowers and plants, handmade baked goods and delicacies—will commemorate two decades of thriving agricultural development with live music, complimentary hors d’oeuvres and children’s activities.

   This year, visitors will also see (and smell) a brand new West Palm green market vendor: Rabbit Coffee Roasting Company. The boutique coffee roaster will be roasting up coffee beans onsite and serving artisanal craft brews and espresso every Saturday through May 30.

   Artisanal craft coffee roasters Iain Yeakle and Adriano Cerasaro launched Rabbit Coffee Roasting Company from their Riviera Beach warehouse, and roast the finest micro-lot beans sourced seasonally from coffee farms around the world. Micro-lot refers to the practice of farmers harvesting and processing their best plot of crops from the rest of their commodity-grade harvest – this results in a superior bean, not diminished by beans that may be inferior in taste or complexity. It also means these beans are limited – think of it as a special barrel-aged whiskey or small production wine.

   The roasters spent most of their summer reinventing a popular favorite summertime sip: iced coffee. The process includes steeping ground-roasted coffee beans in a temperature-controlled room for 18 hours to maintain the coffee’s flavor and strength. The duo have also introduced a special keg tap, traditionally reserved for beer, to dispense the new cold-brewed coffee, with results that are not to be missed. The brew is also available in a 16-oz bottle, for sale at the GreenMarket.

Micro-Lot, Fresh locally Roasted Coffee from Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co. caught up with Iain Yeakle, Rabbit Coffee Roasting Company’s co-founder, roaster and a Singer Island native. He shares some insider information about our favorite morning ritual: the perfect cup of Joe. Is there any difference between traditional hot brewed coffee and your cold brew?

YEAKLE: Cold brew is less acidic. When hot water (200°-205°F) touches the coffee grounds, acid is released. But when it’s brewed cold, more of the acid stays in the grounds and it produces a thick and smooth coffee concentrate.


What happens to the cold brew when you put it on tap?

It produces a creamy head and adds a nice thickness to the coffee.


What’s your favorite way to enjoy your morning cup?

A lightly roasted espresso shot or a Cold Brew on tap.


Cold Pressed Coffee from Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co.Where do you source your coffee beans?

We love lightly roasted, well-developed coffees that are fruity and complex. We seasonally source some of the world’s finest “micro-lot” coffee beans with flavor complexities that are unmatched in any retail or wholesale market. Once the beans are ready for roasting, that’s when the magic begins. The artisanship, science and technology that comes together here in the roasterie is how we achieve these remarkable coffee experiences. We just got a new Fair Trade Organic lot in from Chiapas, Mexico that really surprised us with its sweetness.


What is your favorite bean?

Ethiopia Aricha. It’s more floral than most naturals we’ve had come through here and it has more body. We enjoy naturally processed espresso shots but sometimes they can be too fermented and complex. This coffee has a beautiful balance.


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