Frozen Celebrations: Sloan’s Ice Cream

Thank you, President Sweet Tooth. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July National Ice Cream Month, with the third Saturday of the month National Ice Cream Day. Fast-forward 31 years, and America’s love affair with the frozen dessert has been anything but slaked, with offshoots (I’m looking at you fro-yo) popping up in shopping plazas throughout the country. But when it comes to ice cream in the Palm Beaches, few stand out like Sloan’s Ice Cream.

Sloan's Ice Cream - Cookie Monster ice cream cone - Cookies and Cream

   The bright and bold scoopery that first established itself on Clematis Street in 1999 has grown to six locations in South Florida (five in Palm Beach County, one in Broward), bringing its brand of quality, ingredient-forward ice cream to sweet tooth’s throughout our little slice of paradise. With 50 flavors in Sloan’s stable of ice cream, scooping anywhere between 30 and 34 on any given day, there is literally something for every ice cream palate. And the stuff is quality, all made in-house at the Clematis Street location, using all natural ingredients—there are no artificial flavors or colors in this stuff (with the exception of Circus, which is blue). The waffle cones, cookies, cakes, pies, and chocolates are also made by Sloan’s, ensuring top quality ingredients go into every bite of the sweet stuff—and there is plenty packed into every bite.

   “The flavors you find in your ice cream are from the ingredients,” David Wild said, Sloan’s director of franchising, pointing to his favorite flavor, Cookie Monster – vanilla ice cream packed with Oreo and house made chocolate chip cookies. “And you get big chunks of ingredients.”

Sloan's Ice Cream at City Place

Sloan’s Ice Cream City Place location.

   But it’s not all about the ice cream—though that’s pretty important. Sloan’s doubles as a candy shop and chocolaterie, and triples as a toy and gag gift shop. With a color scheme and décor that seemingly bounded from a child’s imagination, stepping into Sloan’s is as if you have literally entered the board game Candyland. The place is an experience, as David Wild, Sloan’s Ice Cream’s director of franchising. “We want to put a smile on anyone’s face,” he said. “If you are having a bad day, come to Sloan’s.”

Sloan's Ice Cream - Ice Cream Social on July 26   Speaking of good days, Sloan’s is hoping to revitalize that classic of yesteryear: the ice cream social, but with a modern-day twist, with social taking on double meaning. Throughout July, Sloan’s is encouraging customers to take a selfie with their favorite scoop at any one of their locations, and then post it to Sloan’s Facebook page here. As a reward, they will receive a voucher to join Sloan’s at the City Place location for a National Ice Cream Month ice cream social on Sunday, July 26 from 2-5 p.m. The voucher will score participants a free scoop and a reason to join like-minded ice cream fans for the afternoon. “It’s a way for us to show the community that we appreciate them,” says Wild. So dig into a scoop and get those photos posted!


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