Greenwich to Palm Beach: Waterfront Properties’ Eric Ditri Knows the Way

Sellers and Buyers Follow His Lead

An agent in Waterfront’s Palm Beach office, Eric Ditri relocated almost ten years ago from Greenwich, Connecticut. He transitioned to Palm Beach area luxury real estate direct from an executive position at Greenwich’s Gatehouse Partners, LLC, a luxury estate homebuilder of high-end homes in Connecticut, New York and Martha’s Vineyard.  “Where I came from has a lot to do with why I chose Waterfront. I did a lot of research on local firms to find one that offered me a similar combination of structure and resources. Hands down, Waterfront gave me the best opportunity to reach my goals. Most of the agents I viewed as successful were all at Waterfront.”

Nearly a decade later, Eric is one of the successful agents who sellers and buyers look to with confidence. The foundation of his considerable business was built almost entirely on Waterfront-supplied leads. Eric said his transition from luxury real estate builder in the northeast to luxury home sales in Palm Beach makes him a much more effective agent for Palm Beach buyers and sellers.

“So much has gone into my evolution as an agent. There’s Joan Thomson’s 50 years of experience. She still works with me in drafting precise contracts to avoid mistakes that can bog down a transaction. I have the advantage of an in-house marketing team. I’ve learned what works to market a property. There are many ways to sell real estate. Waterfront taught me there’s only one ‘right’ way.”

Waterfront Owner Rob Thomson said, “Eric is extremely effective. He’s the guy who makes sure transactions are efficient. He doesn’t needlessly tax clients’ time in any way. He also knows Palm Beach incredibly well from both a value-to-market perspective and the social lifestyle that many buyers want. Being from Greenwich, he’s made the leap many buyers hope to make.” The Wall Street Journal reported as recently as April 2019, some of the wealthiest New Yorkers “have decamped to Florida in search of more favorable tax rates.” The flow from the Eastern Seaboard to Florida has not slowed. Rob added, “Eric helps these buyers make the transition seamlessly.”

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