Health Tip: Pass the Salt

Salt can do more than just flavor food; when used in a therapeutic setting, it can act as a natural detox for skin and lungs. Discovered in Eastern European salt caves, dry-salt therapy—also known as halotherapy—is rising in popularity for its purported antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. In the treatment, dry salt is ground up, dispersed into the air, and inhaled and absorbed into the skin. Halotherapy devotees applaud its ability to imbue skin with moisture and to address such respiratory issues as allergies, asthma, and psoriasis.

Halotherapy - Salt CHamber in Boca Raton - Kaffee's Garden Spa in West Palm Beach

   The Boca Raton–based Salt Chamber (561-244-9914) offers an array of salt-therapy products for at-home use, including halogenerators (which grind and distribute salt into an enclosed space) as well as a specialty bed and booth for solo salt sessions. These items can also be experienced at spas like Kaffee’s Garden Spa (561-833-4483) in West Palm Beach, which uses a halogenerator to create salt rooms.

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