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Chef and cookbook author, Lenore Pinello of Tequesta’s In the Kitchen offers up some advice on selecting the perfect dinner party hostess gift.

   Pinello’s passion for food turned her retirement plans into a career teaching culinary classes and hosting private dinner parties in her Tequesta shop In the Kitchen (561-747-7117).

The Tired:

Flowers. Although a thoughtful gift in theory, flowers can create added stress by requiring a hostess to stop what she is doing, find a vase, manipulate the arrangement and find a special place to display it.

The Inspired:

Pinello believes the greatest meals start with great ingredients, so bring something special your hosts might not purchase for themselves. “Sharing food is like sharing love for me,” she says. “So when I bring one of my favorite things to a friend, it makes me happy, too.”
   A beautiful bottle of olive oil, a jar of sea salt or a flute of honey are all good ideas. Even if your host is not an adventurous cook, the oil, salt or honey can be used to dress or finish a simple salad and elevate it to something really special.


Some suggestions:

Truffle & Salt - Williams & Sonoma - Dinner Party gift Ideas for the hostess Truffle & salt, $29.95. Williams-Sonoma
O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil - Sur La Table Tupelo Honey - Teavana - Dinner Party Hostess Gift Ideas

O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, $19.

Sur La Table

Tupelo Bee Honey, $21.95.

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