Hostess Gift Giving | The Ladies’ Lunch

Randi Siegal gives some sweet advice on hostess gift shopping for the ladies’ lunch invite.

   Siegal has a proven flair for fashion and trendsetting, as reflected in her two Palm Beach boutiques, Rapunzel’s Closet (below) and Lil’ Rapunzel’s, which bear her childhood nickname.

Rapunzel's Closet - Palm Beach boutique - Randi Siegal - Ladies' Lunch Hostess Gift Ideas

The Tired:

“Candle in the Wind” may be a great tribute song, but a candle in the hand does not make a great party entrance. Remember, scent preferences are individual. What may be calming to one person can be cloying to another.


The inspired:

Treat House - Flavored Rice Krispies treats - Hostess Gift Advice for Ladies' Lunch   Siegal suggests embracing the girliness of the event with a gift that is both playful and feminine.
“Give an Essie season of nail polish,” she says. “Each season, they come out with a new palette of six colors. Buy all six and wrap it in a cute package.”
   Another idea for a ladies’ party: Purchase a few pairs of Hanky Panky panties and wrap them in a fun little basket.  
   Siegal’s newest favorite gift is from a “fabulous place on the Upper West Side in New York City called Treat House. They make mini Rice Krispies treats in yummy flavors like bubble gum or mint—and they ship.”


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